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What is AIHelsinki?

The AIHelsinki organisation hosts gatherings and events to spread the good AI word in Finland.

Helsinki, Finland is a seminal location for Artificial Intelligence (AI). For more than 40 years, Helsinki has delivered high-impact research and technologies for the field of AI. Now AI is maturing, often in the form of Deep Learning, for widespread use. The deeper people in business, academia, or government understand AI, the better we can put the technology to use.


AIHelsinki currently offers two distinct event types:


AIHelsinki Sessions

Come to hear and discuss what is hot in the field of AI. A public lecture series run by experienced AI researchers and technologists, we are working to raise the awareness of Helsinki's glorious past and shining future regarding all things AI! The sessions typically offer both focused technical information, and wider "what AI really changes for me" topics.


AIHelsinki Academy

Registration-based technical study groups on AI: this is where you get the chops to work in AI. Topical reviews of cutting-edge, often only weeks-old, research. Group work on specific methods and algorithms. The works. What is more, Aalto University CS students can claim study credits for study group participation!


Helsinki is where AI is.